When Should You Use Basic Furniture in Your Home?

When Should You Use Basic Furniture in Your Home?

Published by Erica Pennyfeather on Jan 28th 2020

There’s something about basic furniture that equals more than the sum of its parts. Even if your decor isn’t all minimalist modern, a basic storage piece unapologetically fits in with any decor style; sort of like the way a stainless steel fridge looks good in any kitchen. So assuming your home isn’t all decked out in custom cabinetry and built in storage, here are some ideas on how you can use basic furniture pieces to add extra storage and functionality to your home without compromising on aesthetics.

Movable kitchen islands

Portable kitchen islands are a must have in kitchens that don’t have enough cabinets. Given the wide variety of kitchen styles, it can be hard to find one that looks good in your home. A kitchen island that’s minimalist and clean will look great anytime without clashing with your existing décor. When not in use, simply roll out of sight.

Bathroom storage

Bathrooms are often minimalist by design, embracing clean lines and a simple form. Modern white storage solutions and furniture look especially great in bathrooms, where they can blend in with the overall look while providing much needed storage.


While its true that bookcases come in all sorts of ornate styles, many people will opt for a minimalist bookcase, allowing their prized literature possessions to take center stage. As a bonus, a simple bookcase will give visitors the impression that you’re more into reading books rather than displaying them just for the show.

Home office desk

If there’s one place you want to cut out the distractions from, its your home office/study room. When it comes to furnishing a home office, you’ll want to skip the elaborate and head straight for the chic modern pieces. A basic office desk will provide all the functionality you need such as storage drawers, while allowing you to concentrate on your work.

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