Storage Must-Haves to Keep Your Home Organized

Storage Must-Haves to Keep Your Home Organized

Jan 16th 2019

A new year brings with itself the most amazing freshness, excitement, and of course, New Year’s resolutions. You’re probably heard the statistic: only 8% of New Year’s resolutions are followed through. We’re in mid-January now; how is your resolution coming along?

Just a year ago, we wrote about helpful tips on following through with your organization resolution. Sometimes, you may have the motivation to get started, but you just need an extra boost. And sometimes, the right tools can help you move forward. When organizing your home these tools are specifically storage containers, as well as other storage solutions . Let’s take a look at some must haves for an organized home:

Kitchen Storage:

A kitchen has built in cabinets, which provide most of the storage space needed. If you’re short in space, a portable kitchen island is a cost-efficient solution which provides tons of storage space. Other things you’ll need are a dish rack, and food savers such as cereal containers, which are tightly sealed to preserve freshness. A uniform collection of food storage containers also gives your pantry a neater look.

Bath Storage:

Bathrooms are usually cluttered with loads of shampoo bottles and other bath essentials. A narrow storage rack maximizes storage while saving floor space.

Closet Storage:

You don’t need a custom closet to keep all your clothes and shoes neat and organized. Make use of whatever shelves you have, and maximize the use of bins and containers.

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