Of Drinks, Juice, and Popsicles

Of Drinks, Juice, and Popsicles

Published by Rosie Blank on May 1st 2019

Warm weathers have arrived, which means the outdoors has become prime real estate for children of all ages. While kids are running around cheeks flushed and hair sticking to sweaty faces, making sure they stay hydrated and healthy while playing outside is easier said than done. Kids tend to go all out when playing, and you may have a hard time convincing your child to take a break and drink. Here are some tips for savvy moms that may just do the trick:

Squeeze fresh orange juice or lemonade at home with a manual citrus juicer. Even young kids can learn to twist and turn those citrus fruits, and they’ll love drinking their own created freshly squeezed juice.

Set up an outdoor drink station, complete with beverage dispensers and disposable cups. This way, your children can grab a drink without having to interrupt their play.

Colorful, kid-sized cups make every sip a lot more fun. Built-in straws multiply that joy to an even greater extent, so bonus point for these!

Sneak some fluid into your kids by freezing their favorite drinks into homemade popsicles. A plastic popsicle mold is all you need, and kids will be begging for more!

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