How to stay organized in 2018

How to stay organized in 2018

Jan 2nd 2018

Did your New Year’s resolution revolve around getting your home organized and tidy? If so, there’s no better time than now! January is the national Get Organized month, and organizing your home at the beginning of the year adds to the amazing feeling of freshness that a new year brings along. We all start off with the best of intentions, but before long we find ourselves in the same cluttered mess. Here are some pointers to help you follow through with your resolution, and savor the organized life.

Start Small

Only 8 percent of people actually keep their New Year's resolutions, according to one commonly cited statistic. One probable reason is that people tend to bite off more than they can chew, undertaking big changes. Most of the time this only results in frustration and subsequent quitting. By committing to a lesser, more definite goal, you can stick with it to the end.

Find a Place for Everything

Figure out where you want to keep all of your stuff. Invest in appropriate storage containers, and organize objects by category, occasion, and use. Whatever you use should be replaced to its respectful spot right when you’re done, to prevent junk from piling up around the house.

Set Routines

Creating routines for tasks such as making your bed, organizing your pantry, and neatening your closet will help these become second nature to you. Set intervals based on how often you need to tackle the job to keep your home organized.

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