How to Establish a Homework Routine for Your Child

How to Establish a Homework Routine for Your Child

Published by Avery Scott on Nov 2nd 2018

As the school year progresses, many families find themselves struggling to establish daily homework routines with their children. Homework can be a daunting task for children, and it is no secret that they would often rather play with their toys than sit down and complete their assignments. According to a survey conducted by Public Agenda, almost half of parents admit to having serious arguments with their children about homework. However, transforming this chore into something more enjoyable for both parents and children is possible, and here are some tips to get started.

Firstly, it is important to ensure that the child is well-fed before starting homework. An empty stomach can make it hard for a child to focus, so consider providing snacks when they come home from school if dinner is still a while away. This will help them to concentrate better when it comes time to sit down and start working.


Another crucial aspect of establishing a homework routine is to encourage your child to work at the same time every day. This will help them to get into a rhythm and make homework feel like a natural part of their routine. Additionally, it is important to create a designated homework station that is well-lit and quiet, with all the necessary supplies your child might need. If you don't have a dedicated homework desk, any space that meets these criteria will suffice. You can even use a lap desk as a makeshift solution.


It is essential that children complete their homework independently to truly learn and retain the material. While parents can certainly offer guidance and point their children in the right direction, the child must complete the actual assignment themselves. This will not only help them to develop their problem-solving skills, but also promote independence and responsibility.

Finally, praise and reward your child for their efforts. Compliment them for completing their homework, and consider offering rewards such as extra screen time or a special treat. This will help your child to feel accomplished and motivated to continue working hard.

By following these tips, parents can transform homework from a dreaded chore to a positive and enjoyable experience for both themselves and their children.

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