How to Establish a Homework Routine for Your Child

How to Establish a Homework Routine for Your Child

Nov 2nd 2018

The school year is well under way, and for families with kids that means daily homework routines. And let’s face it: most kids would rather play with their toys than sit down and do their homework. In fact, according to a survey by Public Agenda, a nonprofit research organization, almost half of parents said they have serious arguments with their children about homework. But what if you can transform the chore to something more enjoyable? Here are some tips on getting you started:

  • Make sure the child is well fed. It’s hard for a child to focus on an empty stomach. If it’s too early for dinner, make sure you have some snacks ready when your kids come home from school.
  • Establish a routine. Consider the best time for your child to do their homework and encourage them to stick with it every day.
  • Set up a homework station. This should be a well-lit, quiet area, and organized with all the supplies your child might need. If you don’t have a dedicated homework desk, any space that meets the above criteria will do. Just equip your child with a lap desk, and you’re good to go!
  • Make sure kids do their own work. The only way for kids to learn is by doing it themselves. The parent can help point them in the right direction, but the kid must complete the actual assignment.
  • Praise their efforts. Compliment your child for completing their homework, and reward them appropriately.

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