Save Space and Get Organized with Large Storage Containers

Save Space and Get Organized with Large Storage Containers

Dec 7th 2018

Keeping a home neat and organized is a continuous task. And in a home that doesn't have enough closet space, this task can be a lot harder. A great solution to this is storing in large storage containers, which takes the organization outside the closet. Here are some of our favorites:

Plastic Wicker Basket Grey Large, Set of 2

A neutral color that matches anywhere, paired with a wicker weave design makes this set a perfect fit anywhere. Its made of sturdy plastic, is nestable, and features two carrying handles. Stylish and practical for any room in the house.

Plastic 2 in 1 Storage Step Stool

It seems like kids rooms always have toys strewn around on the floor. This pretty pink step-stool features a unique solution. Simply remove the lid, fill it up with toys, and hide it out of sight. 

Large Green Plastic Stackable Storage Bins, Set of 3

These large storage containers will provide pretty much all the storage you need. It's flip-top lid is easy to open and close, and provides handy access to whatever's inside. Its cheerful colors are a perfect fit in kids bedrooms or playrooms. The containers are stackable, so you can utilize all three while taking up the floor space of only one. Bonus: the lids can be flipped open even when stacked!

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