Organizing A Makeup Vanity

Organizing A Makeup Vanity

Feb 8th 2019

I have just enough skincare/cosmetics/fragrances!

…Said no girl ever.

No wonder makeup vanities are seemingly impossible to keep neat! With the best of your ability, there’s only so much space allocated for a vanity. And without some clever storage solutions to maximize space, one may soon find their home overtaken by a makeup siege. So gear up with the right makeup organizer, one that will organize your vanity and keep all your prep essentials right at your fingertips.

At Basicwise, we have several types of makeup organizers, each suited to a specific need. Let’s take a look:

Rotating Cosmetic Storage Tower

What if I told you there’s a 9 x 12 in. storage tower that could instantly transform your cluttered, messy vanity into a neat and organized one? The only thing you have to do is gather up everything and set them into the various compartments – whose height is fully adjustable. Then, give it a spin – and admire your collection.

Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Storage and Organizer

This cleverly designed organizer features two main sections. On the right, there’s 12 littles sections perfect for lining up lip stick, nail polish, and small tubes. The compartments are set up in a stair-like fashion, for easy access and a pretty display. On the left side, there’s one big compartment for those larger bottles. The back row is designed to hold makeup brushes, as well as pencil-like accessories.

White Plastic Makeup Organizer with Sliding Doors

Opening these glam sliding doors will remind you of a trip to an upscale shopping mall. This cosmetic holder is not just good looking, but it also has an allocated space for every item that’s part of your skincare routine. 

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