• Size: 17" W x 14" H - Large enough to fit in all of your bath toys.
  • The heavy stitching on the sturdy polyester mesh fabric ensures long lasting durability.
  • Includes 2 bonus hook suction cups that can be removed and used separately to hang bathroom accessories. 
  • Mesh netting is cleverly spaced to allow air circulation while all of the water drains, to ensure that your toys don't mold. The toy net is machine washable too. 
  • The bath toy organizer sticks close to the wall when not in use to take up minimal space. Great for small bathrooms!

This bath toy organizer will help keep you bath toys neat and organized. It can be placed a wall or window with the included super strong suction cups. Bath toy storage pocket has plenty of space for all of your toy bath storage. Its mesh netting allows all of the water to drain, so that the toys don't become moldy. Plus, the organizer is machine washable, so you can wash it as often as needed. 

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